Life at LLA

Workshop by Prof. Subhash Tendle

Having over 35 years of hands-on experience in creating advertising and brand communication, Dr Subash Tendle is also a former Course director at Crafting Creative Communication at MICA.

His session at LLA : FROM ‘SO-SO’ TO PICASSO:

These sessions begin with why we need to be creative and what stops us from being creative. It will also explain how to get rid of the mental blocks that prevent us from being creative. Why creativity in today’s life matters more than ever.

Followed by sessions on idea generation techniques. How do you generate ideas? Do the ideas happen to you as a happy accident? And if they don’t, should you just wait for some divine intervention to take place? Or are there some ways to make ideas happen without any waiting? These sessions will help you learn how to generate ideas at will through variety of techniques.

Student Feedback

We are really pleased to have you as our mentor. We enjoyed your class and gained a lot of knowledge. You were really patient and helped us see our future projects in a more creative and aesthetic way.
– Anushya Asokan, Batch 17, PG Diploma in Professional Photography

Mr. Subhash’s comments

I really enjoyed interacting with this batch. Though, I was taking a slightly different course than the photography per say, the students were quickly able to understand the relevance of it. I found they are hungry to know more, willing to put in efforts and are open minded. Simply loved the interactions.

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