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Ultra Violet Photography

Ultra Violet Photography gives a very unique dimension to any frame. The U.V Light makes the image look surreal! The students of the current batch were asked to work with UV paints and lights to bring about a fairy tale/surreal story to their image and portray the same, here are some of their images and the stories they have brought out.

The Glowing forest

Nature is filled with never-ending surprises.You might have heard of bioluminescent seas, organisms that beautifully light up the shores during the night. But, how about a forest that glows in the dark. My picture is inspired from a movie called “Avatar”. I wanted both Flora and Fauna to be lit. For this, I took help of UV paints that glow in “Dark light”,also known as UV light.
– Tushar Garg


I tried creating “Aurora Borealis” which is a natural phenomenon of reddish and greenish light in the sky near northern and southern magnetic poles, which seems very un-natural to the people living away from the polar region.
Being a Photographer who loves clicking Nature, I tried to depict this surrealistic natural phenomenon in my UV light photography!
– Ashwini Kumar

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