Life at LLA

Mr. Desikan Krishnan has been a photographer for over 40 years
It is a nice experience coming back every year and sharing my knowledge with new students. This year, the batch has been extremely co-operative. It was a great experience teaching them and I wish to see them flourish in their creative world from the core of my heart.
Students Feedback
A very informative and knowledge inducing class. Learning areas of photojournalism under the guidance of Mr.Krishnan who has worked in the industry for so many years gave us a new perspective and thought. The many examples and ideas shared with us will help us click better photographs in the coming future. – Sneha Chandra, Batch 17, PG Diploma in Professional Photojournalism.
Mr. Desikan Krishnan Feedback on the students,
Great interactive attentive students. Teaching was a pleasure!
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