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Frames Unlimited

As part of the Studio Portraiture module, students were asked to make portraits of their batchmates around the campus. Of course, there was a caveat – no frame could be repeated.

Here’s what a student had to say about the experience.

“The assignment required us to find frames on campus that were of a certain quality, so we could potentially add these portraits to our portfolio. Finding 50+ unique frames as a batch was quite the challenge, especially since we had to ideate our concepts accordingly. But it was great to see how my batchmates used the same space in so many different ways.

We’ve been trying to shoot frames in college for a long time. This assignment finally gave us an opportunity to explore every possibility and the pictures turned out pretty good too!”
– Palak Dokania

“The semi-outdoor shots on campus were challenging and fun. I had to improvise and change my idea based on whether a frame had already been used by someone else. Once the concept and location was approved, we started shooting. Nature was playing tricks as usual, so it was a good learning experience to balance the studio lights with the constantly changing ambient light.”
– Mustafa Haidermota

Here are some pictures from this assignment.

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