Life at LLA

21st March Annual day and Graduation day at LLA!

Light and Life has taught me more than just photography. Right from the faculties to the akkas and annas, they have taught me to be a good person first. I will cherish these days for the rest of the life and will do it all over again in a heartbeat.
– Thurrya

We got to meet Iqbal sir, whose persona is something that can just be felt and can’t be described in words, such a great personality with a humble heart and a great sense of humor
ofcourse. We got to learn so much each and every time we are having a conversation with him, be it formal or just casual, it doesn’t matter.
This institute is the best Photography institute in the country for all these reasons and many more.
I constantly keep looking for reasons to come back to my College, my Home- Light & Life Academy.
– Anurag Katailiha

Light and life Academy is like my second home. Graduating from this institute is the biggest push for my career. The recognition of my skill to constant feedback from the faculty, LLA has done it all. The best part of graduating from LLA is that you remain a part of LLA your whole life. Truly LLA 2017-2018 has been the best year of my life so far.
– Rakshit Chopra

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