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Photojournalism Session with Gurinder Osan
Gurinder Osan, guest lecturer for the Photojournalism students, familiarized the batch with the current trends in photojournalism and the opportunities across media in the future. He currently specializes in photojournalism, landscape and social documentary photography. From war zones to Cricket matches, Natural disasters to human-interest stories, Gurinder Osan has seen and documented it all! Our students thoroughly enjoyed his session! “We’ve had some great faculties from the industry and my personal favorite would be Mr. Gurinder Osan. His approach to photography was something unique where he relates visual design to everyday life with elements of philosophy behind every photograph. His landscape images are to die for and his approach to life is as cohesive as his work.” – Rahul Das
It was Gurinder’s first time at LLA, and here’s what he had to say about his LLA experience “One is still absorbing the breathtaking beauty of the location as you arrive into LLA and are now completely charmed by the homeliness of the academy. One notices an air of joy as students interact with Iqbal sir and others in the faculty, as though talking to an elderly friend, the conversations delving into the depths of photography. Ooty’s valley of farmland bordering dense forest, with fresh Western Ghats air filling the senses, form the canvas of the academy’s location. The well laid out interiors resonate the serene surroundings. The attention to detail is evident in every corner. The studios especially are to die for. One’s jaws are constantly dropped at the well laid out spaces available there to students, backed by ample equipment and props for any kind of photography situation. The main studio’s sheer size and scale with a catwalk for top angle shots spells out the seriousness and commitment invested by Iqbal and Anuradha into this labour of love. The students, but naturally, display a high sense of purpose and confidence that seemed to stem from a good understanding of photography taught at the academy. Their commitment and focus seemed undiluted, their questions more pertinent. Iqbal sir and other faculty members resonate the ‘Gurukul’ concept, in the way they handled the queries of each student, with a constant smile, yet explaining all patiently. And of course the students valued each moment and loved being in this space, and one can see why. How I wish I was a student again and be able to enroll at LLA.” – Gurinder Osan
“Meeting Mr. Gurinder Osan for a session on photography was an absolute privilege. He has been through a number of great ordeals and hearing his experience was a revelation to many of my closed doors. Personally, I’ve never imagined or felt this deep a connection towards photojournalism until I heard it from Mr. Gurinder himself. Thanks to Light and Life Academy as always for giving us students the best possible opportunities to connect with photography” – Priyanka Rozario
“I enjoyed Mr. Gurinder’s session a lot. He inspired us with his work and showed us that good work comes first, ahead of everything else. We learnt how to tell a story through our photography. Finally, he also gave us some much needed tips & tricks on how to get the right picture with regards to photojournalism!” – Divyank Sachdeva
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