D.Chandra Sekhar, Spot Shot Photography, Vijaywada

I have a high regard on Iqbal sir, but I never got an opportunity to attend his workshop. after this workshop my feelings on Iqbal sir are multiplying like any number. the space is not enough to write my feeling towards. Workshop is simply superb. My sincere thanks to Mrs & Mr.Iqbal to do like this. Hope to god to bless them and to these type of workshops more and educate many to photography like this. Thanks to the academy to give the opportunity to me tricks and tips of the product photography branch I learned a lot through this workshop. One tip in enough to do an assignment. Hope I will come here again to learn more. Thanking you once again, Mr.Iqbal and Light & Life Academy. Still who are receiving and giving in good food and hospitality, lot of things to say but I have no words to say…..

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