Anurag Katailiha, Alumnus

“The time I’ve spent in LLA has been the best year of my life.
Whatever we got in college was just Amazing and we truly loved it, the sessions, explanations, critiques, constant feedback, the way we were taken care of, the love we got, the way they tackle when we face any problems, all the fun we had, the list can just go on. (We often used to cook in kitchen with Akkas, and I’ve never felt that it’s not my kitchen.)
We got to meet Iqbal sir, whose persona is something that can just be felt and can’t be described in words. This institute is the best Photography institute in the country for all these reasons and many more.
I constantly keep looking for reasons to come back to my College, my Home – Light & Life Academy.”
– Anurag Katailiha, Alumnus

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