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Light & Life Academy Outreach Programme for Election Awareness

“What The Hills Will Vote For” News Article by Pankaja Srinivasan in The Hindu MetroPlus (Coimbatore Edition) – March 17th, 2019

“When the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) of Ketty, S Deepakmanobala, and Revenue Inspector S Babu approached us with a request to document the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) mandated awareness campaign to promote voting, it was the perfect CSR activity for us,” says Anuradha Iqbal, Founder-Director, LLA.

A detailed article highlighting how Light & Life Academy (LLA) and the Local Administration worked together to increase public awareness regarding elections, the need to vote, and ethical voting.

Social Service is a vital part of the course experience that a student undergoes. This is done as a LLA Outreach initiative. This year, LLA Outreach decided to foucs on the burning issue of election 2019. We worked closely with the officials from the district administration – the Sub Collector of Coonoor, Mr. Ranjeet Singh, The Thasildhar, Mr. H Dinesh Kumar, The Revenue Inspector, Mr. S. Babu, the VAO of Ketty Panchayat, Mr. Deepak Manobala and all their colleagues to create awareness among different sections of the people with some key objectives:

1. Encourage everyone to Vote
2. Remind people to vote ethically and not to sell their vote
3. Ensure that first-time voters are motivated to vote

Here is a link to the news article in The Hindu Metroplus

To view all the Videos that LLA helped create for the Elections Awareness Programme, do visit: Election Campaign Outreach – Election 2019 – Voter’s Voice – I will Vote 100%

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