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Valuable experience – We have been teaching photography for over two decades. It is very gratifying that the over  1000 alumni of LLA have been setting benchmarks in the field, across the country and even abroad, winning national and international awards. We look forward to nurturing more talent and charting new courses

A life changing moment – It was in 1994. Citibank wanted a short that could be executed only by putting up a set. This was my first maor production. The set was designed by Thotta Tharani and was put up at the Prasad Studios in Chennai. After this I continuously got big assignments that involved sets. The next big turn my life took was when I set up Light & Life Academy with my wife Anuradha as co-founder and director.

Future of photography – With cell phone cameras becoming increasingly versatile and capable of delivering higher quality visuals,, the future of photography is vibrant.

One piece of advice – Cultivate the habit of observing the world around you and experiencing it. This will make you a better and more sensitive photographer.

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