Iqbal Mohamed

As a founder and mentor at LLA, ‘Iqbal Sir’ as he’s known fondly by his students, has been a beacon for all things photography. His deep knowledge of the art and science of photography and an innate desire to share his knowledge serves as the bedrock of the institution. He believes that everyone is inherently creative and can nurture their inner vision in the right environment.

Iqbal sir is hands-on with regard to the curriculum at LLA, re-inventing it every year to ensure it is in keeping with the latest in the photography world. His primary role is to guide all other faculty who teach at LLA. He also conducts some specialized sessions on photography for the batch every year.

His interactions with the students are not just limited to the sessions conducted by him, he can be frequently seen outside his office, having discussions and conversations with students and faculty, sharing his experiences on photography, life and everything in between.

From his first tripod to his first assignment as a professional photographer, Iqbal Mohamed charts his photography journey.

Light, Time and Space through the eyes of Iqbal Mohamed.


A collection of images by Iqbal Mohamed of his favourite destination.