Day 1 of the PG. Diploma Programme in Professional Photography 2016-2017

The LLA campus is alive again, bursting with activity and enthusiasm, as the new students of PGDM Batch 16, join the LLA family! We are very happy to welcome the new batch as they start their journeys towards becoming professional photographers.

It was more than what I was expecting. I sat here and told myself how lucky I was to be a part of this family. The amount of freedom of thought and creativity is amazing. No chains – nothing. We are like a painting in process with beautiful colours yet so powerful to build our future. This is the confidence I have gained in just one day.

– Pranav Chavan

Refreshing, that is how I feel at the end of my first day on campus. I like my batch, it is a culturally vibrant one. I would like this year to go as slow as possible, so I can take in all of it.

– Hariharan S