• It is not often that education rises beyond the boundaries of academics and pushes its students towards the path of self actualization. This is a rare and commendable effort.

    Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder, Taproot India

  • Like walking through a library of the future . Thank you for opening my eyes.

    Josy Paul, Chairman and National Creative Director, BBDO India.

  • It is one of the greatest efforts I have seen .How passion can give shape to an institution which will hopefully, one day become a national treasure.

    Anil Kapoor, Chairman Emeritus, Draft FCB Ulka

  • As always the Iqbal touch of class shows – in his students . I think Iqbal and Anu are doing a HUGE service to our industry and I wish them all the very best .I enjoy watching them shape raw talent into pure art !

    Meera Sharath Chandra, Founder CEO & CCO of Tigress Tigress

  • I will remember my visit and my concert here as one of my life’s best moments. I played my best music in years here, am very inspired and moved , looking forward to my next visit

    Salil Bhatt, Musician

  • LLA is a centre of excellence for Young Creative Minds ! Looking forward to my next trek to LLA

    Bharath Bala, Filmmaker

  • Ocean Earth & Sky — that is where I wanted to feel my presence, personally and Professionally… through my passion for photography and professionally through my work —-that’s the beauty about this profession, where ever you are, the world above or beneath -photography exists !!! Light& Light Academy has helped me to achieve my passion into my profession – my dream to be an automobile and underwater photographer. Thanks to Iqbal Sir and Anu Mam for being a part of my inspiration and achievements.

    Ajit S N (Alumnus)

  • I was partially responsible for naming the Academy, and today when I visited this place I realised how Light & Life complement each other even in a dream ! May God and nature keep showering their blessings on this child of destiny.

    Ashok Roy, Creative Guru

  • One of my most exciting moments of 2013. I’m always proud being a student of Mr. Iqbal sir. A man with great simplicity, enthusiasm, spirit and the huge love for photography. He is always my inspiration.

    You have given me a year full of memories, knowledge and fun which I don’t think I can get from anywhere else.

    Azharudeen – Alumnus, LLA

  • Like walking through a library of the future . Thank you for opening my eyes.

    Josy Paul, Chairman and National Creative Director, BBDO India.

  • Thanks for making me a photographer !!!

    Bharath Srinivasan

  • A rarity in terms of talent, heart and passion ….you inspire us all Iqbal Sir !!!

    Soundarya Murugaiyan

  • Thanks for the future contribution to the Ad Industry ! Outstanding Iqbal & gang .

    Santosh Padhi, Co-founder, Taproot, India .

  • In a display like this , its very difficult to single out any one talent . What I do find amazing is that LLA is that one institute that has managed to make so many different styles emerge . It takes a lot to impart skill / knowledge without stamping on creativity ! Well done .

    Sudha Panchapakesan, Real Image – Chennai

  • My experience at LLA has been really brilliant. Meeting some of the top level and most sought after photographers in the industry was the icing on the cake, after being able to learn so much from them.

    Shantanobo Das, Mumbai.

  • Being here has not only given me a chance to call myself a ‘Photographer’ and not just a ‘student of photography’, but also to transform myself into what I hope is a better human being.

    Nrithya Randhir, Chennai.

  • After seeing these (LLA Alumni work) ” I feel Life is worth living”

    P.C.Sreeram, Renowned Cinematographer

  • Firstly I have to thank Light & Life Academy for giving us the opportunity to work under a great personality in Indian cinema. Getting feedback from him was very encouraging. We got a better understanding as to what it takes for a multimedia production to occur.

    Rejoy Krishna, Batch 15 On Alphonse Roy’s Class

  • Getting into LLA was a dream come true and we all thought that we had something in us to be a part of this esteemed academy. I am grateful to the amazing faculty and I am blessed to have them as a family away from home. With so much to learn I am glad that I am in safe hands. Looking forward to exploring the magical world of photography through their eyes.

    Monika, Batch 15, On getting into LLA

  • It was really fantastic to see so much of enthusiasm from the children. Their response was very overwhelming and i really loved teaching them.

    Manieesha, Batch 15, On the Social Work Program

  • As a true beginner who just bought a DSLR the first session as beautifully designed to meet the beginner needs. The assignments were challenging but also fun which enabled keeping a positive morale at the start of the program.

    Akshay Sharma, Batch 15, On the first module at LLA

  • Iqbal Sir’s class is the most amazing experience for me. There is so much to learn from him, not just about photography but also living life. His experience in this field is very well showing out when he shares his different stories.

    Sampada A, Batch 15, On Light class conducted by Iqbal

  • Batch 15 has students belonging to various parts of the country with different mindsets and our love for photography is the binding factor. Our first faculty, Ms. Punya helped us understand aesthetics in photography. We not only learnt aesthetics of photography in this session, but also aesthetics of life.

    Swet Priya, Batch 15, On Light & Life Academy



Light & Life Academy offers short duration intensive workshops for Advanced Amateurs / Hobby Photographers, Practising Professional Photojournalists and students of Visual and Mass Communication. It covers Fundamentals of Creative Photography, Nature, Travel, Digital Capture & Post-Production, Digital Photojournalism and more.

The workshops are hands-on, with lectures, slide shows, demos and shooting sessions every day. Critique of your pictures begins from day two.

Get Creative


Get Creative


With digital technology, understanding the technical and creative aspects of photography has been made very easy. And to do this in the inspiring environs of Ooty, where the light is truly magical and the people are friendly, is an experience to cherish.


Topics Covered

  • Understanding the potential of the camera and lens and discovering ways and means of controlling perspective, with manipulation of shutter and aperture.
  • Study how the camera can interpret a point of view.
  • Aspects of light and appreciation of how it impacts an image.
  • Creativity
  • Photoshop fundamentals: downloading, re-sizing, editing and tips on essential tools.


A mix of lectures, slide shows, field trips, feedback sessions and discussions will be used to give a hands-on feel of the possibilities of creative vision.


DSLR camera. Wide to medium lens (18 – 55mm, or 18 – 135mm on a cropped frame camera & 28 – 70mm, or 28 – 200mm on a full-frame camera. Optional – 70 – 200mm lens). Tripod. Extra CF

cards, Laptop with Photoshop loaded.

Programme Dates:

To be announced

Course Fee:

To be announced



Digital Black & White Photography


Black & white photography has an appeal on its own. With digital technology, this enthralling area of photography has become easily accessible. You can create your own black & white images with complete control over the entire process.


Topics Covered

  • Seeing colours in black & white and getting the exposure right.
  • Photographing different subjects in colour and transforming them to black & white in post-production.
  • Study the play of light on forms and textures and on colours.
  • Learning to control the contrast and intensity of light.
  • Experiment with doing portraits, landscapes and streetscapes in black & white.
  • Printing in black & white.


A mix of lectures, slide shows, hands-on photography, field trips, feedback sessions and discussions will be used to help you discover the magic of black & white photography.


DSLR camera. Wide to medium lens; 18 – 55mm on a cropped frame camera & 28 – 70mm on a full-frame camera. (Optional : 70 – 200mm lens). Tripod. Extra CF cards, Laptop with Photoshop loaded.

Programme Dates:

To be announced

Course Fee:

To be announced